Riding the Waves

Updated: Aug 3

Photo by Laura Barry on Unsplash

Many times in my life, I felt I was going to fall apart. Breakups, career disappointments, motherhood struggles, losing a loved one. Sometimes I did fall apart. I would crawl under my covers, cry, and hide from life. I would escape in a book (I still do) or watch Netflix until my eyes burned.

But, through therapy, I also learned to give in to the waves of grief and disappointment. Each morning, I would put the feelings in an imaginary box on my nightstand and start my day. Eventually, after letting each wave tumble me, I would know when it was time to stand up, ride the wave, and head for the shore. Once I got there, I knew it was time to pivot.

Losing my nonprofit job during COVID was a wave of frustration, but there was also the hidden gift of supporting my three boys during distance learning (and quickly realizing that I do NOT have the patience for full-time teaching 😉). As I’m not one to sit on my laurels, I started Poppy Grove so I could help women. I thought I wanted to help new women entrepreneurs navigate the hurdles of marketing, social media, and self-promotion. While this is still a passion of mine, I’ve realized this passion is not the vision for my next chapter. Now here I am again - ready to pivot.

So what is my vision? I’m working on it. I have ideas on my whiteboard, but I know I will find the answers in the whispers of my soul. I hear these whispers while I walk the dog, write in my morning pages, and watch the hummingbirds visit my backyard.

I look forward to sharing my new vision with you all and seeing how we can grow together. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, or disappointed, please know you are not alone. I’m here to give you my hand, and we will jump over the waves together. And then we will have a picnic on the beach and toast our awesomeness. Cheers, friend. 🥂

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