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Updated: Sep 14

At a dinner party recently, a friend told us that while on a morning walk,

a man started following her. After a few blocks & turns, he was still behind her. Nervously, she picked up the pace, then started jogging, and finally ditched him before he saw where she lived.

After her story, she turned to her husband and said, “you’ve never had to worry about your safety, have you?”

It got me thinking: I walk a path in my town daily. I feel relatively safe, but a woman walking alone can never be too sure - be it on a rural path, in a dimly lit parking lot, or on a college campus.

As we women take back our power, we must still be realistic and prepared.

My PSA for the day ~ always be aware of your surroundings, walk confidently, and keep your dominant hand free in case you need to use your weapon (fingers, keys, taser).

I'd like to believe the Universe has our back, but I'm still going to carry my pepper spray.


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